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Michael is a handcrafted piece with power and spiritual significance. Always aligned with the highest vibration and intention, Michael radiates with the love and protection of the angelic realm and the power, wisdom and nurturing energy of the Earth.


At Michael's centre is his Sword, a piece of one of the most energetically peaceful and positive crystals available to us, Blue Kyanite. It is one of the few crystals in the stone kingdom that never needs cleansing - it has the incredible ability to avoid accumulating or retaining negative energy. Blue Kyanite aligns us with our higher selves, our higher consciousness, our own intuition as well as our own spiritual guides. It is the most supportive, loving and encouraging of teachers as it offers us the ability to 'speak our truth'. As a stone of both the brow chakra - the centre of our psychic insight and intellectual understanding - and of the throat chakra - our voice, our expression, our communication with others - Kyanite tells us that if we are true to ourselves and our inner voice, we can share our gifts with the world and shine with the light of an Earth angel.


Blue Kyanite, when polished, is a relatively hard stone and can be difficult to cut but in its raw form it can be fragile. And this speaks volumes about its properties in relation to the Sword of Michael and what Kyanite has to teach us. From a life lived with compassion grows our ability to truly be ourselves, to hone ourselves, to 'polish' ourselves, to develop our resilience and to be able to step into our own gifts - we are both difficult to break yet beautifully delicate in our rawest form. A sword in its raw material metallic form is nothing - it only becomes a useful tool when it is forged in fire, cooled in water, crafted and sharpened. 


Michael is adorned with two Pearls; one Grey Pearl at the heart centre and a Black Pearl held at the tips of his wings, symbolic of the higher realms. Pearls are gifts from Water, offerings from the elemental spirit who connects with us to encourage us to explore the depths of our intuition - our emotions, the waters of life, the mystery of our dreams, the truth within revealing itself from self reflection. Water is life.


The radiant Pearl at Michael's heart is grey, not white as we would expect from a Pearl. As humans we experience a range of emotions, from elation to loss. Our hearts can only show their radiance when we welcome all of our emotion, all of the deep water of life, both stormy and calm. This is what it means to be a human being - borne from the water, the earth, the stars, the heavens. 


The irridescent Black Pearl on the tips of Michael's wings shines with the spectrum of the stars; it is captivating in its colours. It is not black, like Obsidian with its unforgiving bluntness. No, it is soft, embracing, carrying the rainbow of the universe, inviting us to look a little deeper.


Michael is made from Tin in the tiffany method, which is a form of soft soldering commonly used in cathedrals for soldering stained glass. Soldering uses an electrical current to produce heat and it is very lightweight. In alchemy, Tin is the metal of the planet Jupiter and also of the god of the same name, Jupiter (Sky Father). In my own spiritual work with planetary Jupiter, I have found it to be a most loving, embracing and guiding energy offering insight and knowledge to spiritual seekers with open minds. It is a planet of maturity, of the wisdom that comes from a life of curiosity, of exploration, of ideas. These properties also align with the god Jupiter himself, whose lightening bolts are reflective of our creativity - ideas borne from divine inspiration - and the wings of his sacred animal, Eagle, are also reflected in this piece.


My spiritual work with Michael has shown him to be a fierce yet loving protector, of both the physical and the psychic, a warrior of light and a giver of strength especially when we may have very little left of our own. A guardian of incisive skill and considerable love, he guides us to forge and sharpen our own tools.


Height: 70mm

Width: 30mm

Chain length: 18 inches (chain is attached to the piece)




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