The Moon in Aquarius: The Courage To Move Forward

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Tonight's Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and you may have been reading about the Lunar Eclipse happening tonight until tomorrow, July 27 - 28. This is a very special celestial event as it is the longest lunar eclipse of the century, lasting 1hr and 43 minutes. In this post I talk about The Moon in Aquarius and the Lunar Eclipse but there is also a separate post, The Ripe Berries Moon, dedicated to tonight's Blood Moon falling in the phase known in Native American teachings as The Ripe Berries Moon (July 23rd - Aug 22nd).

Exploring the Darkness

The Moon in Aquarius is about movement, release, encouraging a change in our situation and personal growth. This also relates to the Lunar Eclipse, making tonight's Full Moon even more powerful. In a Lunar Eclipse we experience darkness before emerging into light again, and with this month's eclipse we are plunged into the darkness longer than any other time in the 21st century. Often we are naturally hesitant to spend time our own inner darkness, exploring the aspects of us that live in the shadows. But in the universal nature of duality, we can not solely acknowledge the light, we must also respect the dark, as one cannot exist without the other. This is the perfect time to temporarily reside in our own darkness in order to understand ourselves better.

The Power of Movement

In lunar lore, the Moon in Aquarius governs the lower legs and ankle joints, the parts of our bodies that allow us the physical movement of taking steps forward. As all aspects of ourselves are connected, our physical bodies often reflect our mental, emotional and spiritual elements and so when we experience ailments, they are the reflection of these elements in the physical reality. And so varicose veins, muscle cramping, phlebitis and thrombosis can all be considered as physical manifestations of standing still, mental reluctance to move forward, emotional fear at taking the next step.

Personally, I've been experiencing cramping in my lower legs and pain in my ankles this week. Initially, I was a little bewildered as to why, as I was able to work in my allotment, enjoying physical movement and activity, being part of nature and grounding myself. But often our minds look for answers that defy reason while our intuition already knows the answer. I intuitively knew that I have been hesitant in moving forward in certain areas of my life, reluctant to acknowledge essential aspects of myself, fearful of releasing outdated patterns that no longer serve me in order to live my fullest life.

Sometimes distressing situations are considered the 'norm' in society - we need only look at stress as an example of this. Stress has been normalised to a point where we don't realise we are experiencing its effects as part of our daily lives. While suffering is an essential part of human existence, this does not mean tolerating situations that prevent us from living our lives, evolving as we are naturally meant to do, taking those steps forward.

Courageous Change

Change is not easy for any of us but it is the way of the world. Nothing ever stands still. We are encouraged in our personal and professional lives to strive for and pursue security but security is an illusion. The act of actively initiating and embracing change has become so shocking to many as to become almost revolutionary so the pain of 'standing still' in a constricted situation is often more desirable to us than the fear we feel at actually putting into motion fundamental changes. How can we find the courage to take this all important step?

Voicing our Fears

When we verbalise and acknowledge how we feel, we are respecting ourselves and initiating a change in our physical bodies. 'I don't feel at ease in my present situation. It's all too much for me but I lack the courage to make a move and change the situation'.

Perhaps the statement above resonates with how you feel at the moment and if it does, this is the first step to fundamental change. This statement isn't about being hard on yourself - by acknowledging you feel uncomfortable in your current situation and that you struggle to find the courage to make changes is practising self compassion.

'I am free to move in whatever way I choose, to enjoy myself and all that life has to offer'.

This is an example of a positive affirmation - you may want to use your own; in fact it is important that your own affirmation speaks directly to you as affirmations are mental invitations for change. Only through the realisation that you have the right to lead your own life will change happen. While many of us feel that we are 'bound' by the expectations of others - family, friends, work, society - there is no one in the world for whom it is worth remaining submissive; it is a form of slavery.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Our root chakra is an energetic vortex at the base of our spine that is associated with our sense of security and safety, shelter, food and water and also relates to home and family. Physically, it governs our lower limbs. By meditating on this chakra, we awaken our awareness and can begin to ground and balance the energy here. The root chakra governs the sense of smell so it can be incredibly useful to use essential oils as part of the balance meditation, vapourising them in an oil burner with a little water. I find the essential oils extracted from plant roots to be effective including Vetivert for energetic grounding and Ginger to warm and stimulate.

Sit quietly for 5 - 10 minutes, placing your awareness at the base of your spine. Just allow yourself to focus on this area with the intention of asking light energy to cleanse the chakra and return it to a state of balance.

Full Moon Ceremony

A handpainted Moon Goddess stone showing the Maiden, Mother and Crone phases, given to me by a friend. Image ©Copyright 2018 Flourish and Contributors

Tonight is the perfect time to conduct a ceremony with the intention of acknowledging your shadow aspects and fears, releasing them and welcoming in the light of change.

You will need:

- A quiet space where you will be undisturbed

- A comfy chair or cushion on the floor

- A small piece of material, ideally white (a square scarf or even pillow case will do)

- A candle (red is good but any colour is fine)

- Matches

- Pen and paper

- A heatproof dish

- Charcoal block (optional)

- A small glass of water

- Dried herbs of cedar or sage

- Floral water or Lavender essential oil (choose an oil that you are not sensitive to)

- Personal objects you feel strongly connected with (such as crystals)

Open a window and spread the material on the floor or on a small table and place the candle in the centre. Place your personal objects on the material, surrounding the candle, the heatproof dish in front of the candle, the herbs to the left of candle, the glass of water and floral water on the right. Light the candle with the intention of inviting both your own divinity and the divine creative goddess energy of the Moon.

Light the candle with the intention of creating your sacred space. Take a drop or two of floral water or one drop of essential oil and rub between your palms, inhale deeply and run your hands down your body from the top of your head to your feet, with the intention of enveloping yourself in its protective energy. Sit quietly for a moment or two and connect with the Earth, visualising roots growing from your root chakra, deep into the ground. Connect with the Moon energy by visualising yourself bathed in moonlight. Connect with your altar, which is what you have created above. If you are using a charcoal block, light the charcoal and place in the heatproof dish (please make sure you use a dish that can withstand the heat of the block).

Connect with your heart energy and on a small square of paper begin to write all the fears or aspects that you feel are preventing you from moving forward that you wish to release, projecting them onto the paper.

If you are using a charcoal block, place a small pinch of the herb in the centre of the paper, fold it into a little parcel and place it on the charcoal with the intention that, as it burns, all fears or limitations are released with the smoke. If you are not using charcoal, light a corner of the small square of paper, place it in the heatproof dish and add a pinch of herb to the burning paper, with the intention of the smoke releasing all limiting fears or thoughts. (Please be careful and respectful with open flames and any flammable materials, using sensible cautions and safety precautions.)

Sit for a moment or two and feel these releasing, being lifted from you. Next ask the energy of the Moon to fill the glass of water with light and love, giving you the courage to take your next steps forward that serve your highest good. Drink the water with the intention of filling your being with light, love, kindness and compassion.

Sit for a moment or two and, when you are ready, thank the Earth, the Moon, and the divine energy of the Universe, asking that you are protected. Extinguish the candle by licking your thumb and forefinger and putting it out this way. The ashes of your paper can be scattered in the earth.

Moon blessings to you all! May you find the compassion and courage to step into your own divine light.


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