The Land of Fire: Healing Australia

Bijgewerkt: 15 jan 2020

In the middle of the night last night, around 2am this morning, I was unexpectedly wakened and called to conduct a psychpomping ceremony. Psychopomping is an experienced shamanic practice of entering into different realms of consciouness and alternate realities in order to be a bridge, a facilitator, helping to enable souls who have passed in this world into the realm of light.

My guides took me to blackness. A place that was once a forest but was now filled with darkness. This ceremony was for Australia.

Trees stood like charred, twisted twigs.There was no light, only darkness, and I was afraid to enter this lifeless place. But the trees urged me forward. Stepping in, the remains of those who had lived in the forest - insects, birds, mammals, plant life - were scattered on the ground, almost unrecognisable, reduced to blackened charcoal. They had been so engulfed, they had returned to become part of the earth, like black dust.

My guides and I created a space for the souls of these creatures - trees, plants, animals alike - to pass to the next world, released from this one. And then I saw that it was not only land animals who had been engulfed, it was also those from the sea. Has life in the sea been sacrificed in the waters used to help quell the flames? I don't know but creatures of the sea, and the spirit of Water, have also felt the pain of this devastation. So many passing peacefully in shining light, welcomed to the next world. But there is so much more to do.

I was then visited by an indigenous, tribesman, an Aborigine. He stood in the desert, with his back to me, looking at the horizon and watching a sun rising, witnessing a new day. He had knowledge and experience of burnings - he knew them well - and this would not be the last, as this is what it is to live in 'the land of fire'. We are not skilled enough to appreciate how the delicate balance of life works in this unusual land of extremes. The elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind are spirit forces that we must respect. We are reckless. We have no wisdom, we are not learning, we do not know the land, we do not treat it like it is a part of ourselves, like it IS us. But...perhaps we do.

There has been a genocide in Australia. Half a billion - at time of writing - 500,000,000 animals have died a death of a thousand flames. I'm not sure we can truly comprehend this, the absolute devastation and pain caused to the animal and plant kingdoms. We are guardians of this earth and, like many other things, we see it as disposable, to do with it what we want. There is no deep understanding that it is a living, breathing life form, just as its inhabitants are. It is mortal. Understand that there is no greater priority than caring for the Earth. We treat it as we do, prioritising other things, because we cannot accept - and continue to deny, despite our every day experiences - that we too are mortal. We will die. We will not live forever in this world. We are passing through, guests of Gaia.

Do not fear Death. I have visited with her, for myself and for others, many times in different ways. Whether we know it or not, she comes close many times throughout our mortal lives. But She is not reckless as we are. None of us will escape Her embrace. To fear Her is to deny the preciousness of everything living in this mortal life. And this is one of the great teachings of Death. She is also Life. And treat it preciously we must.

These words are an urgent call from Spirit. They are written, shared and protected.

©Andrea Doran, Flourish 2020

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