Reflexology: The Natural Pain Killer

Bijgewerkt: 25 apr 2019

Often science takes a little longer to catch on to what we already know through personal experience. Researchers have recently discovered what my regular clients living with long term, chronic conditions have known for a while - Reflexology is an effective treatment for pain management.

Reflexology For Pain Management

A study conducted by the University of Portsmouth showed that people receiving Reflexology felt 40% less pain than those who didn't receive Reflexology.

Not only that, but they were also able to tolerate any pain they did experience for 45% longer than people who didn't received Reflexology.

Reflexology: A Centuries Old Practice

Alternative and holistic methods have been used to support health for centuries and for good reason - they work. Science has only recently confirmed the existence of meridian lines, the lines of energy which are throughout our bodies that many traditional, alternative health techniques have based their practice on for centuries. When specific techniques are applied to the zone or meridian line connecting from the feet to the areas of the body, it can initiate significant, beneficial change.

Reflexology For Chronic Conditions

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