Plant Wisdom: St John's Wort

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St John's Wort from Maia Toll's Herbiary

I hope to be able to share the wonderful wisdom of the plant kingdom with you over the coming months, with this being the first to lead us on. Before I chose a plant teaching to share with you I asked the question, 'What does the World need now?' and this is no small ask! The plant which revealed itself was St John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum), an apt herb when we find the weather is changing and darkness approaching. The image above is from Maia Toll's wonderful Illustrated Herbiary.

Common Uses

In traditional Chinese medicine, St John's Wort is used to move the qi, or energy, to help soothe pain. It is often used for neuralgia, sciatica, post-operative pain and physical shock and you may also have heard of it being used for depression, anxiety, stress and nervousness. This herb is full of sunshine, lifting its bright yellow summer flowers to the sun, bringing light and warmth in times of darkness.

Spirit Medicine

I have found that St John's Wort not only helps soothe physical pain, but it is a generous plant which wishes to offer solace, binding together what has been fractured or broken, especially our hearts. It is useful for times of trauma and loss, and while it doesn't lends itself to speed, this plant will gently reward you for your patience, reaching fearlessly into the darkness to shine its light.


Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Not to be taken by children. This post is intended for information purposes only and not medical advice - please visit the terms page for more details . Please seek advice from a medical professional and, if you are considering herbal medicine, please consult a professional Herbalist.

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