Plant Wisdom: Mugwort

Image: Maia Toll's Illustrated Herbiary

The plant which revealed itself for today's Plant Wisdom blog post is Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and what a herb she is! Mugwort named after the Greek Moon goddess Artemis, who revived the plants in the morning with her refreshing dew while her brother Apollo helped them grow with the rays of the sun.

Mugwort is a wise traveller who travels between worlds - between sleep and awake - and lifts the veil between our conscious and unconscious minds.

Common Uses

Mugwort has a long traditional history of helping to heal menstrual problems and all things related to the female cycle. With its mild action on the nervous system, it is also useful for mental tensions, anxiety and nervousness. The leaves of Mugwort are often used in acupuncture, lighting the herb so that the heat penetrates specific acupressure points.

Spirit Medicine

Mugwort is said to protect travellers; she knows what it is like to travel, with both the excitement and uncertainty it brings. Mugwort takes us to the realms of the dream world so that its symbolism can be explored and understood by our conscious minds, giving us greater insight.

Mugwort tea can be drunk before bedtime, or the herb smudged around the bedroom, to encourage clarity in our dreams - be sure to have a notebook and pen handy!


This post is intended for information purposes only and not medical advice - please visit the terms page for more details . Please seek advice from a medical professional and, if you are considering herbal medicine, please consult a professional Herbalist.

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