Fibromyalgia: Restoring The Strength Of Your Soul

Fibromyalgia can be a challenging condition that is often misunderstood, causing frustration for those living with FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome). Symptoms include increased sensitivity to pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness, heaches, IBS, difficulty sleeping and mind 'fog' including difficulties with memory and concentration.
Conventional medicine currently has no definite answers to the exact cause of FMS but it considers the following may be triggers for the condition:
  • injury

  • viral infection

  • giving birth

  • having an operation or surgical procedure

  • the breakdown of a relationship

  • being in an abusive relationship

  • the death of a loved one

​In holistic terms, these are physical experiences that also affect our mental and emotional wellbeing. In my own practice, I have found that many cases of FMS have one thing in common - the client has experienced trauma. This appears also to be upheld by some recent research which has indicated that in 25 - 50% of cases of FMS, the patient had reported a physical trauma which preceded the onset of their symptoms. Road accidents, in particular whiplash injuries, have been described as one of the causes of fibromyalgia.

Trauma and Loss

Soul is the essence of ourselves, our life force. In Shamanic teachings, soul loss is considered to occur as a result of trauma, an experience that threatens our safety or survival, or following intense emotional experiences. This includes various forms of abuse, medical procedures and surgery, the end of a relationship, divorce, loss (including the death of a partner, friend, family member or companion animal; a job or a home) and accidents. Anything that causes shock or trauma can cause soul loss. It varies greatly in each individual; what may cause soul loss in one person may not in another.

Retrieving Your Strength

Traditional shamans performed soul retrieval healing work regularly but in modern culture, we often find that soul parts have been missing for many years and can go as far back as childhood. In my own experience with clients, I have found that soul parts are often returned from childhood and many soul parts are returned which left during times of great emotional trauma.

Soul retrieval is now considered a valid healing modality for PTSD and shamanic healing practices have been shown to positively affect veterans suffering from PTSD.

As with all holistic approaches, Shamanic Healing Ceremonies are very much a two way process, with dedication from both the practitioner and the client. It is important that if you are considering a Shamanic Healing Ceremony as part of your therapeutic support, you are willing and ready to make changes toward a positive, spiritually supportive way of being.

Initial Visit

Your Initial Visit will be a full consultation with holistic bodywork therapy such as Reflexology, Reiki, Acupressure or Massage which allows me to assess the most appropriate treatment going forward for you and your specific health needs. We create a treatment plan that is individually tailored for you, including consideration of Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval if this is appropriate.

Your Initial Visit is dedicated to pain management, emotional support and encouraging restorative sleep.

Further Information
Booking Your Initial Visit
Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Healing Ceremonies
Andrea Doran, Alternative Medicine Practitioner

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