Fertility and Reflexology

Reflexology is a therapy that has existed for thousands of years, originating in Ancient China, Egypt and India. Our modern notion of Reflexology was introduced to the Western world by Dr William Fitzgerald, an ear, nose and throat specialist in America and brought to the UK in 1960.

The main principle of Reflexology is that each part of the body is reflected in the feet or hands and, by using acupressure techniques to apply precise pressure at specific reflex points, practitioners encourage the body to respond toward self regulation and equilibrium. It works on a similar premise to acupuncture in that it is based on the philosophy that meridian lines throughout our bodies allow energy to flow. If this energy is prevented from flowing as it should, for whatever reason, it can prevent the body from functioning as effectively as it can. While many cultures for many years have considered meridian lines an important network in our bodies, the scientific community has only recently proved their existence.

How Reflexology Can Help With Fertility

Firstly, I feel it is important to outline here that no reputable practitioner will guarantee that holistic approaches will bring successful conception and pregnancy. It is of the utmost importance to me as a practitioner to enter into the therapeutic process with my clients with transparency and honesty. For some of my clients there is a successful outcome and for others, the challenges remain. The difficulties that affect successful conception can not only be physically complex but also mentally and emotionally too.

Reflexology affects us on many different levels; it is a holistic treatment, taking into consideration mental, emotional and physical aspects, which influence each other. It focuses on supporting both conventional and alternative medicine in assessment of each individual client, monitoring progress as treatment continues, and so is an excellent treatment to use alongside conventional approaches.

Reflexology is useful in encouraging the body toward regulation of menstrual cycles and increasing sperm and egg function. The areas of the body responsible for these functions can be precisely located and focused on during a treatment. It can also be used in conjunction with assisted fertility including IVF.

PCOS, adhesions or scar tissue, pelvic inflammatory disease, PMS, hormonal imbalances, blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, Endometriosis and menstrual problems can all show an improvement from holistic approaches.

The main reflex and acupressure areas of focus are:

  • Endocrine system

  • Ovarian reflexes

  • Uterus reflex

  • Lymphatic system

  • Immune system

  • Circulatory system

  • CNS (Central Nervous System)

  • Liver and kidney reflexes

Reflexology is also useful in reducing stress levels, for both partners - stress is often associated with difficulties in conceiving. Stress disrupts the endocrine and reproductive systems, often reducing circulation flow, and Reflexology can be beneficial in encouraging these systems toward a state of balance and a return to normal functioning levels, supporting improved fertility.

Finding The Right Therapist For You

Before embarking on supportive and holistic therapies, it is important to find not only a reputable Reflexologist but a practitioner that you connect with. It is important to check the practitioner’s credentials – how long they have studied, how many years of professional practice, their experience in both Reflexology and fertility and which regulatory body they have membership. Organisations such as the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) will only allow membership from practitioners who have completed a dedicated, extensive study of the subject with reputable educational organisations.

It is also extremely important that you feel comfortable with your Reflexologist, in order that you can work together – holistic health is a two way process. The bond of trust between therapist and client is crucial. The fertility journey can be challenging and create vulnerability. Contact the therapist directly, ask for information about the treatments and a general chat; this way you can get a ‘feel’ for the practitioner and their approach.

What To Expect During A Reflexology Session

In my own Reflexology sessions, I encourage both partners to attend a Couples Consultation before we consider treatment. This allows an opportunity for you both to share your own fertility journey and we discuss the best way forward for you both individually and together.

Before the first Reflexology session, I ask you to complete an initial consultation and all information you share is private and confidential. This helps me form a bigger picture, allowing us to focus on what the issues may be, how they have evolved and how to help address them, holistically. This will involve a personalised treatment plan, recommending a course of treatment and evaluation of progress at each stage.

My own sessions are based on each individual’s own situation or requirements – there is no ‘one size fits all’. Your session is person centred and individually tailored. For women, the treatment will involve encouraging cycle regulation and monitoring, enhancing and improving each stage of the menstrual cycle. For men, this will involve reducing stress levels and encouraging sperm production and function. I also offer post treatment advice, including lifestyle considerations, and both stress management techniques and self treatment techniques to apply between appointments.

Booking An Appointment

In the first instance, I recommend a Couples Consultation, followed by a Fertility First Visit For Women and Fertility First Visit For Men, whichever is appropriate. All are available to book online.

Dedicated Treatment Plans

Fertility sessions require commitment, both from you and myself. Following the couples consultation and first visit, I recommend the Fertility Treatment Plan, a dedicated treatment program of 12 weekly one hour sessions.

Getting In Touch

To arrange a introductory chat, please contact me at andrea@flourish.scot or on 07840180743. I am happy to discuss all aspects of the process with you.

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