Feline Healers: The Power Of The Purr

Bijgewerkt: 25 apr 2019

Sam, one of my cat companions, who is a big fan of purring.

Having lived with cats for many years, I personally find them enigmatic creatures. Their communication is such a complex, secret language that us humans just don't understand much of it. But one form of expressive communication we think we do know well is purring.

When we groom or pet a cat and we hear those familiar purrs, we often think of this as a sign of contentment. But cats also purr when they are in pain or distressed. So what does purring really mean?

The Science Behind Purring

Recent studies have indicated that purring could be a much more profound action than we think it is. One theory that is being given much greater consideration is that a cat's purr is actually a healing action for the cat, with the ability to physically rejuvenate bone, skin and tissue.

Cats purr at a vibrational frequency of between 25Hz - 150Hz. Certain vibrational frequencies have been used as established healing frequencies in therapeutic medicine for us humans. Frequencies between 18Hz - 35Hz are used in therapeutic biomechanical stimulation for joint mobility; frequencies in the range of 25Hz - 50Hz are considered the best frequencies to aid bone repair and growth, 100Hz to encourage regeneration of skin and tissue and 50Hz - 150Hz to help relieve pain.

This suggests that cats' purrs are intended as a healing action for themselves and an effective way of keeping bones, skin, muscle, ligaments, tendons and tissues in good condition, facilitating healing while the cat is at rest. This self-healing may be one of the reasons why cats appear to sleep a lot and may also explain why loud purring sometimes occurs during times of stress or pain.

Energy Medicine

As an Animal Reiki Practitioner, I've found that animals respond incredibly well to the vibrations of energy medicine and cats specifically appear to actively bask in it, with a state of relaxation and trust that is hard to describe - they are incredibly sensitive to its subtleties.

Energy medicine, such as Reiki, can change the vibrational frequencies of our energy layers, or aura, just as listening to meditation music at certain frequencies can positively affect our brain waves.

For me, personally and professionally, holistic approaches are all about recognising and respecting the commonality of all forms of life, the light essence that connects us all. Life is about sharing, connecting and communicating with this essence in each being. Sharing the love within ourselves with our companion animals, and them lovingly sharing themselves with us, brings beneficial changes for us both.

So, the next time a cat hops onto your lap and begins to purr, they may very well be providing you with their very own unique type of holistic therapy.

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