Face Value: Diện Chẩn Acupressure and Reflexology

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‘The face is the soul of the body’ - Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher

Diện Chẩn Facial Reflexology and Acupressure therapy has an amazing range of applications. From anxiety, insomnia and CFS to back pain, neuralgia and IBS, this simple, gentle therapy has much to offer.

What is Diện Chẩn?

Facial Reflexology has long been used in Eastern countries such as China and Japan and draws its techniques from traditional oriental medicine but it was in Vietnam that the particular methods of Diện Chẩn were developed, explored and applied.

Diện Chẩn is the combination of several disciplines - Reflexology, acupressure and massage techniques – and Diện Chẩn also acknowledges our energy body, or aura, and meridians (energy lines) than run through our bodies.

While much of Diện Chẩn is based on these Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches, it is not the same as Chinese facial acupuncture. There is no puncturing of the skin in Diện Chẩn - pressure is applied to specific acupressure points on the face that relate and connect to other organs and systems of our bodies.

Everything Is Connected

Dien Chan uses reflexology, acupressure and massage techniques

The principle of interconnectedness is applied with all Reflexology - connecting pressure points and reflex zones with organs, systems and functions – and this interconnectedness is particularly effective when applying Diện Chẩn.

Our faces have the ability to express all of the emotions that we feel in our bodies – pain, joy, sadness, contentment. Our faces contain around 20 different muscles and they are generously supplied with blood vessels and nerves so it’s not surprising that our faces have such a high number of acupressure points and reflex zones which are extremely sensitive to signals sent from other parts of our bodies, including our brain. When stimulating the points and zones on our faces, the response is quickly transmitted to the part of the body and systems connected with it and this is one of the reasons why Diện Chẩn is so effective.

What To Expect From A Session

Many clients have described Diện Chẩn as being incredibly relaxing but what they also share is just how surprisingly uplifting it is – one client described it as feeling as though all stress, tension and worries had just been completely lifted away from her. It is very difficult not to have a smile on your face after a Diện Chẩn treatment!

Your visit includes consultation and treatment and all that is required is that you slip off your shoes and recline on the treatment couch. I begin by applying a gentle balm that I created specifically for Diện Chẩn sessions, and then apply acupressure and massage techniques on the specific areas that were discussed during your consultation. After the treatment, I advise easy self care massage techniques.

Heal Thyself

While as a practitioner I use various tools during your session, the wonderful thing about Diện Chẩn is that you can also use it at home without any tools at all – all you need are your fingertips and a few minutes each day.

Diện Chẩn is an excellent place to begin if you are looking for a holistic therapy that you can also try at home. Not only are dedicated sessions tailored to your own individual needs but the techniques can easily be applied at home between appointments. After each session, I provide you with simple techniques to do at home, guiding you through them. In this way, Diện Chẩn allows you to nurture your own therapeutic self care and health management, at your own pace and in your own time.

Beautiful, Inside and Out

While Diện Chẩn benefits our holistic health, another wonderful effect is that Diện Chẩn helps to tone and revitalise our skin and facial muscles, improving circulation, releasing muscular tension and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. After your first appointment, it is common to see a noticeable difference, with a general glow and evenness of skin tone, and this can be developed every day with the techniques I advise for you to apply at home. The techniques can be done quickly and easily, after applying face cream or oil in the morning or before bedtime.

How Diện Chẩn Can Help You

Many people begin to look at alternative approaches when they feel conventional medicine has given all it has to offer and many clients become frustrated that nothing more can be done. But alternative and holistic medicine has much to give and can be incredibly useful in helping to relieve stress or manage chronic conditions.

Diện Chẩn's applications are far reaching and it has been used to support and help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of conditions including:







Back Problems

Bladder Weakness

Blood circulation




CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)














Food allergies and intolerances

Frozen Shoulder


Hot Flushes

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)



Irregular Periods

Labour and Birth

Lumbar Pain

Meniere’s Disease



MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

Neck Pain



Ovarian Cysts




Respiratory Conditions






Thyroid Regulation


Water Retention


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