Discover The Dragoness™ Part III: Spirit Medicine For The Menopause

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In this final part of my Enter The Dragoness posts, following on from Part I: The Power of the Menopause and Part II: Qi Exercises For The Menopause, I talk about how spirit medicine can be incredibly empowering, supportive, restorative and help to heal our past for the transformative metamorphosis of menopause.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I work with spirit guides and teachers, who often appear as animals and mythical beings and who are our allies and teachers in the spiritual realm. There are many different types of Dragon energy, across a wide variety of traditions. Shamans consider Dragon Medicine to be that which supports us during the times when we are shedding a ‘skin’ and emerging as a new, transformed being.

Menopause Spirit Medicine

Dragon is a symbol of transmutation and developing mastery of our lives, lending us the courage and vitality to do this, bringing insight, inspiration and a deeper connection with ourselves. Sometimes this presents itself as memories that have perhaps been overlooked or pushed aside to protect ourselves, and healing practices such as Shamanic Power Retrieval and Soul Retrieval can provide us with the ability to retrieve our own personal power and soul parts that have been lost during times of transformation, difficulty or trauma, to bring us peace and balance when we restore what is rightfully ours.

This is something which I have come across numerous times in my holistic practice with my clients and which I feel is incredibly important at all stages of the menopause. As women, there is a common expectation for us to care for others, putting them before ourselves. During menopause, women are often faced with what they consider to be an inexplicable urge to review or contemplate their lives, how they have lived it and where they feel they have lost themselves in sacrifice for others. Whether it’s been dedication to a career, service, person, family, community or children, there is a deep need to look at where we have placed the priority of ourselves in our own lives, often with a growing realisation and deeper intuitive want for that focus to be on ourselves and our own self care.

The Power Of Creation

Two Dragons playing with a ball or pearl, symbolic of Qi (or Chi) energy. Copyright © 2019 Flourish

The image of the Dragons above is a photograph of what is hanging on the wall beside me as I type this post. It is of two Dragons, chasing and playing with a white luminous ball, or pearl, floating in the air between them. This ball or pearl is symbolic of truth and life, considered a symbol for universal Qi or chi, the vital force that forms part of any living thing, and the mother of all energy and creation.

As women, we have immense creative power. This does not halt when our bodies stop producing eggs and we no longer have the opportunity to create another life from within our physical bodies. We can continue to create, develop and nurture new lives from an existing one. Our own life, for ourselves.

Enter The Dragoness posts

A series of three blog posts, with this as the final post, on the importance of how we personally perceive the menopause, the transformative changes it brings and how to embrace the metamorphosis with grace and confidence using exercises to restore, revive and heal.

Enter The Dragoness Part I: The Power Of The Menopause

Enter The Dragoness Part II: Qi Exercises For The Menopause

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