Big Yin: Sentimentality and the NHS

Bijgewerkt: 21 apr 2020

In the current situation, like all transformations, we are faced with deep challenges ahead. One of these is the political landscape and this is something that I want to address but is not the focus of this post. I want to frame it in within the larger, spiritual picture.

We have the intentional disintegration of many of the systems and services that we previously built from our love and compassion for each other and our deep sense of fairness, justice and equality - these are the foundations of our humanity. The attempted destruction of the diamonds we formed under previous pressure comes from those factions of establishment, government, corporate and society whose values are based in money and power.

Services like our free health service, whose emergence was borne from the suffering of our ancestors, generations who watched their families and friends live in pain and die needless deaths because they could not afford to pay for a doctor. Powerful influences are utilising our hearts - our love, care and compassion for each other - to steer us toward sentimentality for the NHS. What is wrong with this? Surely feeling emotional about something we care about is good, healthy and actually very spiritual? Well, yes and no. Sentimentality is an aspect of death.

We can be appreciative, grateful, proud, respectful of something which exists in a healthy, well balanced, functioning form. Unless it is no longer fully present, no longer fully functioning and it seems easier to attach our sentimentality to it rather than give it the kiss of life. Sentimentality is reserved for those things that no longer have the crucial, healthy balance of heart and mind, of Yin and Yang. Descending, contracting, at rest, in the dark, sentimentality is a heavy dose of Yin for the things that are lost to us.

This is what is happening with the NHS. Our emotional feeling for the workers within the NHS - which is a precious diamond because of the people who made it, and continue to make it what it is - are, in the main, respect and appreciation. But we are being encouraged to value feelings more than reason, but feelings and emotions don't keep the NHS alive. Financial funding does. Workers do not get paid adequate salaries. Support for their mental, physical and emotional health is lacking. The tools they need to do their job successfully are severely limited. I was speaking to a paramedic I know and she was telling me that one of the reasons NHS staff are not tested for COVID-19 is because there is a very high likelihood that the majority of front line health workers will test positive while being asymptomatic. I have no reason to doubt her but I have no first hand experience. The theory is that those who tested positive would self isolate for 14 days, leaving hospitals critically unmanned - this is what they want to avoid. In order to successfully continue to provide a health service to the public, testing of hospital staff in one sense is not happening because asymptomatic professionals need to be there to support and care for the symptomatic public. This is theoretically a form of rationale. This is Yang. This is action, this is light, this is ascending, this is energy.

We are emotionally concerned about the people who work in the NHS and for some these feelings are overriding, and diverting from, the crucial requirements to keep it a sacred service. Our own providing of PPE, calls for people to stitch and sew scrubs, and providing food and beverages are a natural response of our humanity, of caring for each other, but this encourages us to treat the NHS as a charity, which it is not. It was created as a publicly funded service for the benefit of all. I fear that how we are currently encouraged to approach the NHS is an indication of where those in power with vested interests want to see the NHS go - finances funnelled as a lucrative business for the few and a charity on its knees with our humanity being abhorrently manipulated into the public sowing surgeons' scrubs. I am sorry if anyone perceives this as a criticism of their own actions to support NHS key workers. The only criticism I have is for the many influencing powers that prevent the NHS receiving what it should - our money. In full.

In 2016, Richard Branson sued the NHS and received an undisclosed out of court settlement.

Branson's personal net worth is estimated at $5.1 billion. Branson has currently set up Virgin Money Giving where you can donate £5 or more to the NHS. The NHS is now a charity. But hang on. Virgin receive almost 5% of whatever donation you give. This is the embodiment of a manipulating sentimentality as it is described by Wikipedia - 'a reliance on shallow, uncomplicated emotions at the expense of reason.'

We are beginning to see the individuals, companies and businesses that are ruthless in their exploitation of the current situation. Those who were always exploitative - in fact it's what their business model is based on - it's just that it's all becoming more apparent to us. The CEOs of many of the world's largest corporations stepped down or sold their shares at the beginning of the global effect of the virus - there are lots of very rich people just got a whole lot richer, which means they just got a whole lot more powerful. Jeff Besos, owner of Amazon, is the world's wealthiest person. He sold shares in Amazon in February, just before the COVID-19 crash, and he is £4 billion wealthier now, worth an estimated £114 billion. One person. This one person is the most influential person in the world. Or is he?

We are in the process of redefining our systems and our economic landscape too. We now have the opportunity to support and finance businesses with ethics, morals and principles that are aligned with our own. With the whirlwinds of our lives slowing to a gentle breeze, we no longer need to purchase out of quickness or convenience, we can take a little time to consider.

Money is a form of energy exchange. We not only financially fund a business, organisation or corporation when we buy their products, we active support them energetically. The current situation means that we can be a little more considered in where our energy goes. And at a critical time of energetic transformation such as this, this is incredibly important.

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