An Introduction to Chakras and Crystal Therapy

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Chakras are vortices of energy  and centres of awareness, found in our subtle energy systems, astral body or aura. The term chakra comes from Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, and means ‘wheel’ or ‘turning’.

Traditional writings suggest there are over 80,000 chakras but there are 7 main energy centres – Root, Sacral, Solar (some teachings indicate this as Spleen), Heart, Throat, Brow (or Third Eye) and Crown. Through the rotation of these centres, they absorb energies from the external environment and convert them into the subtle energetic material of our astral body. At the same time, they allow cosmic energy (often known as prana) to radiate from within us.

Here is an introduction to the 7 principal chakras and the crystals commonly used with each.

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