Ancestral Healing
We have both genetic and energetic connections with our ancestors, those who have went before us. In spirituality practices, this is considered an important ancestral line and can often affect our current lifetime. Quantum Entanglement Healing and other healing approaches can help us address and support energetic disentanglement, release and healing from multi generational trauma.
Many spiritual and energetic practices are becoming recognised as valid healing modalities in helping to address the effects of generational trauma. To find out more about Ancestral Healing and how this is aligned with the medical view of the effects of generational trauma, please visit Quantum Entanglement.
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Angelic Healing
Many healing methods can be considered as a gift from the Angelic Realm and I have found that when conducting energy and vibrational healing sessions, this has a deep truth. In my professional and personal experience, Angels are masters of sacred geometry, the vibration and frequency of geometric shapes that initiate a change in our own vibrational energy.
Often when I connect to the angelic realm, where there are various divine messengers, they are very individual to the client and their own specific needs at the time, providing support, light and healing. This realm is incredibly powerful with infinite compassion, grace and a deep understanding of intuition, helping us to develop our own. 
Sacred space calling upon the powerful, awe inspiring spiritual presences of the angelic realm for empathetic and compassionate support, personal guidance and healing.
ArchAngel Healing
1 hr 30 min
Cord Cutting
The world of our energy bodies, centres and meridians is a complex system of communication on lots of different levels. In every physical, mental and emotional connection and interaction we have with each other, there is also an energetic connection at play, where energetic 'cords' or 'threads' generated from our energy vortices (or chakras), create a flow of energy between us. When an interaction or connection is mutually respectful and loving, there is a balance of vibrant, energetic exchange between us and we feel good in the presence of the other person. When there is an imbalance in the exchange, there is a change in the power dynamic and it can feel that we are giving more than we want to, or that our energy is being drained from us.
There are many indications that etheric cords which are no longer beneficial to us may remain connected. These can include:
  • A feeling of being unable to move forward from a person or situation; difficulty or inability to stop thinking about a particular person or situation

  • Tendency to create internal dialogues, conversations or arguments with a specific person; revisiting past conversations, judgments or criticisms

  • Recurring and frequent memories and/or emotions with a particular person(s)

  • Repeated mental processing or analysis of a situation(s) 

  • Deep, recurring feelings of sadness, anger, depression and emotional fatigue of the past

My sessions include addressing the gentle cutting and removal of draining or disruptive cords attached to the Etheric (physical), Astral (emotional) and Causal (mental) bodies, releasing attachments in a loving, empathetic and compassionate way allowing you to positively move forward. 
Sessions dedicated to addressing the gentle cutting and removal of draining or disruptive cords attached to the Etheric (physical), Astral (emotional) and Causal (mental)...
Cord Cutting
1 hr 30 min



Sometimes we become entangled in others lives to the detriment of our own and it can be difficult to remove ourselves - this is often because we are energetically entangled too.

This can occur when we have not set clear boundaries for ourselves, or for others, or when we have allowed those boundaries to be compromised. Sometimes we think that by stepping over the boundaries we had created for ourselves, that by giving more of ourselves than we feel comfortable with, will help another person. This often creates energetic entanglement and the symptoms it produces are likened to 'compassion fatigue', a phrase that I personally dislike. Our compassion never runs dry, but sometimes it may feel like it does, especially when supporting becomes shouldering. Physical, mental and emotional fatigue, apathy and a forced sense of duty are often indicators of entanglement.

Quantum Entanglement Healing can help us to energetically disentangle and release ourselves so that we can empathise with others whilst maintaining our own energy levels and healthy emotional and auric space.

Energetically disentangle, release and transmute whilst maintaining your own energy levels, personal boundaries and healthy auric space.
Disentanglement Healing
1 hr 30 min
Karmic Healing
Many philosophies, especially Eastern approaches, consider that from a spiritual point of view, we carry energetic 'memories' or patterns of behaviour in our lifetime, from our deeds or actions,  and this can restrict our moving forward. Healing methods can be used to release these energy patterns, allowing us to consider the future in a more positive light and encouraging new ways of being. 
My Karmic healing sessions are a combination for many modalities including energetic medicine based on quantum physics entanglement theory, that two particles remain connected, even over time and space, in such a way that any actions performed on one particle has an effect on the other. In this way, quantum healing can help support karmic release and ancestral healing. For more information, please visit Quantum Entanglement 
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Quantum Entanglement (QE) Healing
Quantum Entanglement Healing is based on the quantum physics entanglement theory, that two particles remain connected, even over time and space, in such a way that any actions performed on one particle has an effect on the other. In this way, QE Healing can help support a range of energetic and vibrational imbalances, including karmic release and ancestral healing. This relatively recent physics theory is a scientific similarity to what spiritual seekers have felt for many years, that is that everything is connected to everything else, and we are all One.
In initiating a QE session, the frequency of the energy field of the practitioner becomes aligned to a higher vibrational frequency with the intention of initiating positive changes in the energy field and meridians (lines of energy that run throughout our bodies and our electromagnetic energy layers) of the recipient, moving from a low frequency vibration (for example, stress, grief, sadness) to a higher frequency vibration (love, joy, contentment). For more information, please visit Quantum Entanglement.
Aligning to a higher frequency of vibration to initiate positive change in the auric fields and meridians for energetic release and light healing.
Quantum Entanglement Healing
1 hr 30 min

Reiki works on the principle that life force energy, ‘ki’ or ‘chi’, flows through our body via energy channels and vortices, also known as chakras. Reiki is a wonderful therapy which has many applications for holistic health and wellbeing including stress management and encouraging relaxation and mindfulness. It can also be useful for spiritual development and is incredibly supportive emotionally. It is often the medicine I recommend for grief, suffering and loss. (For more information on Reiki, please visit What Is Reiki? for details on its history and uses.)


Radiating Reiki is a session conducted remotely and is useful if you are unable to attend in person sessions, for clients limited either by geography or physical mobility. Its effects are in no way lessened by distance; often remote sessions can be energetically intensive.

Reiki For Animals

Animal Reiki uses specialised techniques specific for treating animals - for more information, please visit Reiki For Animals.

Answering The Call To Learn Reiki

For over 12 years, I have had the honour of teaching Reiki Training courses to students in Glasgow; Usui Level 1 (First Degree) - Introductory and Usui Level 2 (Second Degree) - Practitioner. Please visit Reiki Training Courses for upcoming dates.

First visit 90 minute appointment for new clients.
Reiki | First Visit
1 hr 30 min
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