shamanic extraction

Shamanic Extraction

Sometimes we unconsciously take on other energies from our environment, from others or from our own thought forms. Shamanic extraction removes these blockages, which are in opposition to our true being, and can prevent us from knowing ourselves fully and truly being ourselves. If we are repeatedly stuck in negative dialogue with ourselves, and with others, this generated energy can prevent us from stepping into our own self compassion.

Extraction should only be undertaken by a qualified, experienced Shamanic Practitioner - details of my training and experience can be found here.


Healing with Shamanic Light 

As the practitioner, I facilitate the safe, gentle removal and release of extractions with the help, support, guidance, protection and love of enlightened spirit beings. When extractions are removed, there is often a 'void' where the extraction was once housed and this is filled with light, allowing disconnection, release and healing.

Power Retrieval and Soul Retrieval

Please visit the Power Retrieval and Soul Retrieval pages for more information on these beautiful shamanic healing practices.

Your Ceremony
Sessions are around 1.5 - 2 hours including time for talking therapy, the healing ceremony itself and time afterwards to integrate the healing.
Remote Sessions
Extraction can also be conducted remotely if you are physically or geographically unable to attend in person.

Shamanic Extraction Request

1.5 - 2 hours | £90

Please complete your details below to book a Shamanic Healing and Extraction Ceremony

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