Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders

Sessions For Self Management

Help reduce seizures & increase resilience

Holistic approaches to stress management, to help improve sleep, reduce auras/pre -indicators and support personal resilience

As a certificated Epilepsy Awareness trained practitioner, we have a phone consultation to discuss your day to day experiences of living with epilepsy before booking your first appointment. This short consultation may include chatting about the specialised medical support you receive and your seizure types and frequency.
During your course of treatments with me, we consider various therapies that can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures, auras and pre seizure indicators by managing stress and other common seizure triggers, and we discuss self care, wellness plans and resilience techniques.
Amber, one of my clients living with epilepsy, shares her experiences of how holistic approaches have helped her manage her condition - you can find her story here.
As a prospective new client, you may be unsure which treatment approach is best suited to your own therapeutic and support needs. This telephone consultation offers an op...
Telephone Consultation 15min
15 min
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