Flourish provides specialist services in

holistic medicine & therapy, shamanic healing and organic horticulture.

Based in East Kilbride in the West Coast of Scotland, supporting and serving local and international clients and communities.

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'The sessions with you really changed my life. It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to you and how much you helped me!'

— Dawn, TTC Client


Flourish is committed to integrity and transparency, providing personal witness by practising and living our own healing practices for over 20 years.

Moon Gazing

'My sessions were profound and deeply spiritual - words are too small to describe the shift I have felt in myself as a result.'

— Rose, Trauma Client


Shamanka, Medicine Woman & Earthworker

the healer, horti & heart behind Flourish

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'These sessions are having such a positive impact...I’m so glad I have found therapy that truly works for me. '

— Emma, Anxiety Client

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New doors await.

Passionate about sharing knowledge, Flourish offers a range of events, workshops and courses

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